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Crush: Interactive Stories (MOD + APK) for android

Crush: Interactive Stories is a Simulation App for Android developed by TapPlot. Download the latest version (0.5.24) of the apk here, in Apks Mods released Sep 22, 2022

Crush: Interactive Stories (MOD + APK) has been downloaded 10,000+ since Sep 22, 2022. Is Free and the file size is 62.43 MB. Offers in app purchases, users rated it with 0/5 stars with over 0 ratings.

Exciting interactive visual stories where you decide what Choices to choose!

Choose your story with Crush: Hot interactive stories, the interactive fiction game, you will enjoy a world full of exciting and crazy stories. In each romantic and exciting story, you can decide which choice to take in every chapter. One choice can change the whole storylines, and with different choices, you will create a new story, which only belongs to yourself.

With Crush: Hot interactive stories - a brand new visual story game, you can enjoy stories with love, romance, paranormal, and adventure. You can be an office lady to have an affair with your sexy boss. You can be a Vampire Hunter to fight the sexy, dangerous vampire. You can even be a country girl to fall in love with Werewolf.

In these fantastic and sexy stories, you can choose your lover and make important choices all by yourself.

Crush: Hot interactive stories features:
👗CUSTOMIZE your dazzling outfit & hairstyle for your sexy character and strike up a romance story with the most romantic lover.
💅🏻CHOOSE from an assortment of stories: contemporary romance, drama, paranormal, fantasy, suspense, vampire, werewolf... Start an exciting journey with your loves in different genres of breathtaking fiction.
🔥PLAY THROUGH each chapter to indulge your love-struck self with steamy, sexy, spicy moments.
💌MAKE CHOICE to determine your lust, your passion, your drama, and how it ends - be romantic, flirtatious, erotic. Find out how your choice impacts the storyline. Your choice MATTERS.
🌈ENJOY stunning graphics and incidental piped music.
📚The stories are already waiting for you, you will be hooked!

Featured Stories:

Lust in the Moonlight:
As a vampire hunter, you meet the vampire ruler Alex while investigating the serial murder cases that happened in town. Alex seems to have a tremendous craving for your blood...

Double the Pleasure:
When you find out your to-be fiancé Tye is secretly dating another woman, will you choose to forgive him to accept his story? At the same time, Leo invites you to his house secretly. Will you accept his invitation? How will you handle this love triangle?

Submitting to Master:
You run into the tall and hot Chris, who stumbles upon the secret that you are a sub, what kind of sparks will heat between you two? Will your taboo habit push him away?

Burned Moonlight:
You are the descendant of witches, destined to marry the eldest son of the hunter family. However, at the full moon night, the mysterious battle song summons a werewolf who takes you away from your tragic fate. A wild adventure is about to begin...

Billionaire Bodyguard:
Your billionaire friend Brian swoops down like a superhero when you are in danger. An unexpected kiss blurs your boundaries as friends. Should you continue to ignore your feelings or confront them with love?

The Bastard Mafia:
To get close to the dangerous mafia leader Charles, you disguised yourself as a gangster, what will spark up between you and Charles? Should you choose to continue this forbidding relationship?

Mr. Vampire:
You get into a mysterious castle as a maid and the master of the castle - Williams, a vampire, has a crush on you at first sight. Everything in the castle is creepy yet luring you to discover more hidden secrets...

Voyage of Lust:
You pretend to be a dancer to seduce Rosen to find out if he had killed your father. With the help of Abbott, can your seductive plan work?

Under His Roof:
Your new boss - James presents you with a choice: pay back one million dollars or sign a contract with him to become his contract lover. What would you choose?

Tons of chapters and episodes are coming out soon. Stay tuned! Please keep in mind: LOVE is the GREATEST thing in the universe!

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Detailed Information:

Simulation Android Application

Updated Size Installs
Sep 22, 2022 62.43 MB 10,000+
Version Rating Ads
5.0+ PEGI 16 (Sex) Contains ads
Price In-App Purchase
Free Yes
Version Release Changes
0.5.24 1. Support Brazilian Portuguese for all books!
2. Add category page.
3. Update new book - The Alpha I Hate
4. Add Report function when viewing other player's profile.
Developer Category
TapPlot Simulation