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Magic Tiles 3
New HOT song: Bad Guy
Real Guitar Free - Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games
🎸 Guitar Simulator App - Electric & Acoustic Sounds, Ultimate Chords & Tabs ♬
Guitar Band Battle
Awesome 3D guitars. Amazing guitar rhythm game!
Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
⬆⬆ Upload Your Favorite Songs To Play Everywhere
Beat Blade: Dash Dance
Run, dodge and Slash!
Piano Kids - Music & Songs
Fun musical games. Learn to play instruments, wonderful songs and sounds
Beat Jumper: EDM up!
Jump into Fun with the newest EDM songs
Incredibox lets you create your own music by managing a crew of beatboxers.
Sonic Cat - Slash the Beats
💖2020 Best Music Game!
Just Dance Now
Unleash your inner Dancer with Just Dance Now!
Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds
Superb EDM Music Game of 2020. Beat with rhythm and shot fire!
Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
Addictive Color Matching Game!
Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game
Magic ball music game - Rhythm ball twist
Love Live! School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game
45+ million players worldwide enjoy this Japanese anime music rhythm game!
Dream Piano - Music Game
Best dream piano, music game and everybody gets playing the piano!
My Singing Monsters
Breed them. Feed them. Listen to them sing! Build a musical world.
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
An anime rhythm game with simple controls! Enjoy fun anime songs on mobile!
LIT killah: The Game
Rhythm and music game. Test your skills with the LIT killah official game!
Lanota - Dynamic & Challenging Music Game
Save the world by the power of music in this dynamic & refreshing rhythm game!
Dot n Beat - Magic Music Game
Dot n Beat is a music arcade game, which tests your hand speed and music rhythm.
Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game
Stay on dance line in the best music tapping game
SuperStar BTS
Worldwide SuperStar BTS Rhythm Game 'SuperStar BTS'
Dancing Planet: Space Rhythm Music Game
Tap! Tap! Tap! Follow the space rhythm!
Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game
3-Dimensional Rhythm Music Game - Take your skills to their limits
Popscene (Music Industry Sim)
Bring your music collection to life as you embark on a career in the industry!
Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4
Tap the magic tiles and enjoy Piano Solo 1,000 songs - Best Piano game of 2019
Marshmello Music Dance
Listen to Joytime 3 Now!
Smash Colors 3D - Free Beat Color Rhythm Ball Game
🎵Free Music! Best Color Matching Game!Ball Game with Abstract graphics/visuals!
Music Racer
Music Racer is a music-adapting racing game where you use your music to race!
Water Race 3D: Aqua Music Game
Slip And Slide Race 3d Water Game
Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus, an AWESOME mobile music game.
Dot n Beat - Test your hand speed
💖Drop the Beat, Do the Best!
Piano Free - Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games
🎼 Piano Keyboard Simulator with Magic Keys & Tiles Music Games and Lessons 🎶
Never left without saying goodbye
Beat Roller - Music Ball Race
Amazing rhythm ball games - game of songs
Muse Dash
『The movement of our world has been adapted』
『Can you hear my whispering? 』
Cytus II
Can you hear me?
Utano☆Princesama: Shining Live
Enjoy Utano☆Princesama music by playing songs in this intuitive rhythm game!
Non-stop rhythm action at your fingertips with the latest Hatsune Miku game!
Beat Shooter - Gunshots Ga
Gun Shooting Music Game! Shoot at the rhythm!
Magic Hop: EDM & Dancing
Let's bounce with the music!
Catch Tiles Magic Piano Ga
Play your favorite piano songs with max feeling in music tiles game.
Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash
Beat Runner Music Game with stunning neon levels 🤟
Music Racing GT: EDM & Cars
A 3D racing music game! Let's start driving with EDM music!
Beatstar - Touch Your Music
The ultimate music game
Blade Master : Beat the Music
Run and slash, enjoy the rhythm!
Ensemble Stars Music
Immersive 3D LIVE Idol Rhythm Game
A Dance of Fire and Ic
Guide two orbiting planets along a winding path by tapping perfectly in rhythm
Beat Party
Beat Party is a rhythm and social game played between friends and family.
Beat Slash 2:Blade&Saber Soun
Two lightsabers with Advanced sound effects and advanced slashing effects
Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboar
Follow the music to slide the skateboard & wield the lightsaber
Project: Mus
It's an incredible music game in a different way!
Piano Fire: Edm Music & Pian
Enjoy addictive Music Game of 2022. Electronic tiles dance with classical piano!
D4DJ Groovy Mix
DJ X Anime Rhythm Game
Like A Dino!
Musical game
FNF Beat Blade: Music Battl
Dash & Slash magic tiles in funkin EDM run. Feel the rhythm of Friday rap fight!
Play gigs, collect records and fill the dancefloor to become a Superstar DJ!
Piano Beat - EDM Music Tiles
Play piano game with EDM songs by tapping tiles.
Space Dancing: EDM Beat Rush
Exotic Galaxy & Fancy Spaceship! Fly with rhythm to collect more music energy!
6ix9ine Runner
Tekashi 6ix9ine Official

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