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Battle of Heroes 3 (Mega Menu) mod for android

Battle of Heroes 3 is a Strategy App for Android developed by Fantasy Game Indie. Download the latest version (3.94) of the apk here, in Apks Mods released September 3, 2022

Battle of Heroes 3 (Mega Menu) has been downloaded 100,000+ since September 3, 2022. Is Free and the file size is 42.9 MB. Offers in app purchases, users rated it with 3.2/5 stars with over 2233 ratings.

Fantasy - RPGs - defend kingdom

The hero acts as a mercenary who is sent to the borders of the kingdom. Use combat and magic skills, explore the fantasy world and upgrade towers. Warriors, towers, aura, magic and weapons will help to contain waves of enemies attacking border possessions. Fight bosses to take over the kingdom, before that do not forget to collect resources in the mines.

★ Unlimited hero and warrior development.
★ Explore the dungeon, go on an adventure by going to the Town Hall.
★ Defend the kingdom, hold back waves of enemies.
★ Defeat epic bosses, capture new territories.
★ Three factions (Order, Dead, Chaos).
★ Crafting items, features and skills.
★ Get a dragon, a cerberus, a luthor. Pets will help in difficult times.
★ Develop magic, aura, and study at weapon mastery schools.
★ Defend the city, attack the caravans, liberate the captured cities.
★ Old- school fantasy RPG
★ Compete with other players in the arena or in multiplayer.
★ Increase the rating of the faction and chat with other players.
★ Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers.
★ Practice alchemy by exploring new recipes and making different potions.

Supports languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese.

Control: In the options, you can change the control mode to strategic, also change the visibility of the playing field, both by bringing the camera closer and moving it away. If you want to rotate the camera, hold it in the center of the screen and turn it to the left or right.

If you want to transfer the hero to another device, save it in the options by remembering the password and login and upload it in the options on another device.

The game can be played as a single fantasy rpg, and compete with other players. Develop your sword and magic, travel in a mysterious and unknown universe. In the world, the Battle of Heroes happens every day, something mysterious and unusual.

MOD Features

– immortality mode
– great damage
– unlimited skills

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Detailed Information:

Strategy Android Application

Updated Size Installs
September 3, 2022 42.9 MB 100,000+
Version Rating Ads
4.4+ PEGI 3 Contains ads
Price In-App Purchase
Free Yes
Version Release Changes
3.94 +Floating joystick control
+New Airborne hero
Developer Category
Fantasy Game Indie Strategy