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EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes (PAID/Patched) mod for android

EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes is a Productivity App for Android developed by Alexander Madani. Download the latest version (8.1.0) of the apk here, in Apks Mods released Sep 11, 2022

EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes (PAID/Patched) has been downloaded 100,000+ since Sep 11, 2022. Is Free and the file size is 6.72 MB. Offers in app purchases, users rated it with 4/5 stars with over 5401 ratings.

Notes voice notes, notepad notes, reminder notes, to-do notes & S-pen notes

EZ Notes is a niche notes organizer for Ultimate Mobility notes. We empower worldwide note taking fans by SIMULTANEOUSLY transcribing AND saving voice notes in a single notes step! Hence, EZ Notes brilliantly captures Hands-Free notes and improves countless lives every day, so notes fans can save remarkable time wherever they are and in whatever mobile note taking situation.

EZ Notes is also a feature-rich notes app that is very practical and places all notes functions within instant easy reach. Enjoy creating EZ Notes using the best rich-text editor notepad with dynamically renamable Folder notes! EZ Notes is the pioneer of Ultimate Mobility notes, Device Efficiency notes, and User Privacy notes.

✏️ Notes taking benefits of EZ Notes
- Notes hands-free auto-saving voice notes
- Notes with clean interfaces for fast notes
- Feature-Rich and Engaging notes app
- Efficient notes app (5MB & stays slim)
- Cutting-Edge Editor w/ Rich-text notes
- Privacy respecting (zero permissions)
- Highly Customizable note taking app
- Notes app w/o sign-ups nor sign-ins
- Notes app w/o pesky intrusive ads
- Offline Security (access notes 24x7)
- EZ Notes is an automatic notes app
- Swipe notes to delete & archive notes
- Notes app that saves time every time
- EZ Notes is a reputable & reliable app

EZ Notes is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, Hands-Free voice notes app customized for Ultimate Mobility notes. The ever-increasing pace of life means modern users require the fastest notes organizer! EZ Notes is the only Hands Free voice notes organizer which SIMULTANEOUSLY Transcribes AND Saves swipeable voice notes via a Single tap of the Microphone! This niche disruptive notes breakthrough empowers EZ Notes customers to save Maximum Time taking notes, AND achieve Ultimate Mobility notes. EZ Notes is a Niche notes organizer custom tailored for worldwide notes organizers who prefer a major lead using a Next-Gen notes app for smooth daily notes. Also, the notes editor in EZ Notes delivers industry-leading rich text notes with amazing markup functions and a powerful microphone for taking notes using less typing of notes inside the notes editor! Modern users also prefer EZ Notes because we do not collect any personal data as users take notes. EZ Notes is a user privacy notes app! EZ Notes is also engineered to keep mobile devices Ultra-Slim and Efficient via Maximum Preservation of device resources like CPU, RAM, Storage Space, Wi-Fi, and Battery, as you write notes! While other notes organizers press users on time via frustrating steps digging and clicking for notes, EZ Notes empowers smooth note taking through Ultimate Mobility notes, Cutting Edge notes features, Optimum Device Efficiency, and Complete User privacy while taking notes.

✏️ Notes sharing is super easy in EZ Notes
• Notes shared + backup notes by EZ Export
• S-pen Markers courtesy of Daniel Sandler

✏️ EZ Notes provides excellent support
• EZ Notes provides built-in help notes
• EZ Notes has a fan page on Facebook
➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea

✏️ EZ Notes permissions notice
Storage: This was a non-invasive permission used by EZ Notes ("Markers") application, in order to Read/Write data From/To the canvas notes. This Permission only applies to Android 4.3 and below. For recent versions, there
are ZERO sensitive permissions required by EZ Notes.

EZ Notes is a tech company established in the USA ❤ 🇱🇷

Trust 🛡
Customers trust EZ Notes because we serve them with quality and care. We don't collect nor share any of their notes data for profit.

Love ❤️
Customers feel loved because EZ Notes enhances their mobility and truly improves their life through Maximum time savings & eliminates hassles.

Control 🔒
Customers also love EZ Notes because we help them attain total control of their data (all notes are offline), for remarkable privacy, note-taking reliability, and regained dignity of our notes data!

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Detailed Information:

Productivity Android Application

Updated Size Installs
Sep 11, 2022 6.72 MB 100,000+
Version Rating Ads
4.1+ PEGI 3 Does not contain ads
Price In-App Purchase
Free Yes
Version Release Changes
8.1.0 Added persistent sorting functionality.
Developer Category
Alexander Madani Productivity