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MiXplorer Silver File Manager (Paid + Plugins) mod for android

MiXplorer Silver File Manager is a Productivity App for Android developed by Hootan Parsa. Download the latest version (6.58.4-Silver) of the apk here, in Apks Mods released August 14, 2022

MiXplorer Silver File Manager (Paid + Plugins) has been downloaded 10,000+ since August 14, 2022. Is Free and the file size is 10.34 MB. does not offer in app purchases, users rated it with 4.8/5 stars with over 2416 ratings.

A full-featured file manager

MiX Silver is a bundle of MiXplorer file manager and Archiver, Image, Tagger and PDF add-ons as a paid app to support development of MiXplorer.

FAQ: https://goo.gl/K9nf2y
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mixplorer

Skins: https://mixplorer.com/skins/
You can modify skin colors in the settings + Skin editor. There are also many theme packages with different icons to download. Tap on them + Import.

The best way indeed is to explore yourself. But here's a brief list of essential features:
- Easily themable with customization option which lets you select any color you like.
- Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons.
- Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and drag & drop between panels also supported.
- Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move and other operations.
- Various view modes and sorting options for each folder separately!
- Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized.
- Advanced search functions.
- Html viewer.
- Font viewer.
- Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks and customized skins.
- Packing/unpacking 7z and Zip/Zip64 (splitted-encrypted), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard.
- All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 18 providers:
Mega.nz, Mail.ru, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu, Mediafire, Hubic, 4Sync, 4Shared, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, pCloud, SugarSync, VDisk.
+ clouds which support webdav like (Yandex.ru, OwnCloud, MyDrive.ch, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe).
- Modifying zip files.
- EPub, MobiPacket and PDF reader add-on.
- Root access for all advanced operations.
- EncFS volumes supported for all storages.
- File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format.
- FTP/HTTP/WebDav Servers + TCP server to receive files from the other devices which using MiXplorer (Send-to option).
- Image Viewer (it supports GIF, SVG, TGA, ICO).
- Media Player + VLC codecs add-on.
- Powerful Text Editor and Code Editor.
- SAMBA (SMB1, SMB2.0/2.1), FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV supported as well.
- RAW and TIFF decoder.

And many more awesome features for you to explore!
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Detailed Information:

Productivity Android Application

Updated Size Installs
August 14, 2022 10.34 MB 10,000+
Version Rating Ads
2.2+ PEGI 3 Does not contain ads
Price In-App Purchase
Free No
Version Release Changes
6.58.4-Silver v6.58.4:
• Fixed some issues in previous builds.

• Added SFTP & SMB1 servers. (experimental)
• Moved 'ADD + Document provider' to 'ADD + Storage + Document provider'.
• If user is anonymous in FTP-Client, working directory will be read-only. Default user is Admin.
• Improved local IP scanner.
• Fixed some issues with editing SQLite files.
• Many other fixes & improvements.
Developer Category
Hootan Parsa Productivity