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Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker (Unlimited Money) mod for android

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker is a Simulation App for Android developed by PIXIO. Download the latest version (1.20.5) of the apk here, in Apks Mods released June 1, 2021

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker (Unlimited Money) has been downloaded 1,000,000+ since June 1, 2021. Is Free and the file size is 36.48 MB. Offers in app purchases, users rated it with 4.3/5 stars with over 38700 ratings.

Outbid your opponents, find fame and fortune, be a billionaire museum tycoon!

Ever dreamed of bidding on priceless art at the world’s most prestigious auctions? Maintaining and curating your own museum and picking out which artifacts to show off to the public? Achieving fame and fortune, making billions with bids and becoming a mega-rich billionaire art tycoon?

You can do exactly that (and more!) with Art Inc - let your wildest art museum dreams come true! Climb the ranks to bid at pricier auctions and outbid the richest of the rich! Go for gold, bathe in cash, start bid wars and compete against others to collect famous art around the world!

Start as a no-name art gallery and level it up so it becomes the trendiest place to be. Place bids at celebrated auctions to buy famous artifacts only billionaires can afford: the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Son of Man, Creation of Adam and more!

- Easy, Fun, Idle Gameplay: Bid for artwork, sculptures, scrolls, fossils, rare books and more at exclusive auctions!
- Your Favorite Art: Compete to collect famous artwork, celebrated sculptures and classical statues by Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci and other artists around the world!
- Collect Them All: Make billions and hire high profile and unique characters to keep your museum safe! From celebrities and fictional characters to famous artists! (And make them do your bidding!)
- Compete in Bid Wars: Compete in the arena of art auctions and expand your collection! Climb over others’ bids and outbid them with cash!
- Collect Even More: There are now OVER 200 unique pieces of art available for bidding at bid wars!
- Get Rich: Collect donations of appreciation (like cash, diamonds, gold - and let’s not forget, MONEY) from visitors to your museum!
- Explore the World: Search for gold and riches in expeditions around the world - for there’s fame and fortune galore waiting just for you at the end of your adventure!
- Achieve Capitalist Fame: Become the epitome of the Capitalist Dream! Achieve fame and fortune by placing your museum at the top of the bid wars! Outbid and beat everyone in your way!
- Hours and Hours of Content: You’ll always find something to do, whether it’s decorating, managing or bidding!
- Exciting and Casual - From stress-free idle adventure gameplay to high-octane bid wars, there’s something for everyone!
- Completely Free: Free to play… For LIFE!

Compete with other bougie billionaire auction-goers to buy the art that you want for your gallery! Make bids and flaunt your billions, your cash and riches! Outbid others by placing bids for great artifacts and use fancy skills to beat others back! Find out what kind of artwork is trending and display them to gain massive rewards! Go on adventures and quests around the world to find treasures in a board game style minigame!

What happened to the REAL Mona Lisa? Track down what the elusive Silver Fox stole from you and teach him a lesson! Follow the exciting storyline by completing quests and collecting recruits. Collect back your riches and fortune to become an even better museum tycoon!

With help from your trusty butler-caretaker Wilfred, add famous characters to your arsenal and hire them to help you out at the museum! Recruit guards, explorers and buyers from the Renaissance to the Age of Pirates! Adventure around the world in search for priceless artifacts worth billions of dollars!



Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected] or contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help and Support.


MOD Features

Unlimited Money

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Detailed Information:

Simulation Android Application

Updated Size Installs
June 1, 2021 36.48 MB 1,000,000+
Version Rating Ads
5.0 and up Everyone (In-Game Purchases) Contains ads
Price In-App Purchase Google Play
Free YES Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker
Version Release Changes
1.20.5 Can YOU find the GOLDEN TICKET? Complete quests from Wonky Willa to Wylli Wanko's Super Secret Auction containing some of the most famous art pieces of history, such as The Kiss, Campbell's Soup Cans and The Thinker!
Developer Category
PIXIO Simulation
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